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Tester, coach and comfort buddy! The full package deal.

Once upon a time there was this company who struggled with a poorly built system. Every day the users got more and more annoyed on the bad interface. One day enough was enough and the kind boss asked a prominent consultant to build them a new system. The developer consultant arrived with his shiny laptop and started working. It was not long before the consultant started to struggle. The environment and business logic turned out to be a lot more complex than he predicted and none from the company side could give him any straight answers on how things should work. After many weeks of swift coding the system was ready for the users to test. And once again the consultant was faced with the users’ unavailability.

It was time to call in a tester. The humble tester arrives and is quickly introduced to the system and the users. Only two weeks left until deployment and no tests run, the tester decided to use the users as testers. One by one the users were booked for an hour each. The tester arrives to the meeting with a few bullets that needs to be tested and tell the users to use real data when testing. The users slowly start to familiarize themselves with the system and a lot of feedback is recorded by the tester.

The developer is happy to finally receive feedback.

The kind boss is happy the quality will be improved.

The users are happy that their opinions are raised.

The tester is happy that the system has been tested, the users introduced to the system through coaching and that everyone now seems comforted that this new system will save their day.

I doubt 200 test cases could have done a better job in this case.



Need some fun? Looking for some fun?

Do you need something fun for your test conference or need to cheer up your test team?


We are looking for new oppertunities to perform the “The Supertester – A Slightly True Story”.


The Supertester – A slightly true story” is a theater performance where we try to mix serious test issues and common prejudices with laughs. We will take the roles and personalities of project managers, testers and super heroes to a new level. We will use prejudice and radical opinions in our effort to entertain and inspire.

You will meet the project manager who blame the test department for everything that goes wrong. The project manager loves all the new and cool development methods. He is not making it easy for the poor shy little company tester who lost the last shred of self confidence the first day at work. Can she be saved by the magnificent Supertester and once again be restored to a strong tester who stand up for her profession? Will the powers of the Supertester be enough to save the organisation?


Join us in a twisted but still slightly true world of testing.


You can read more about the show under The Show.

If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us at linda.hoff (at) or anna.o.hoff (at)