My work process…

This is my backlog:

This is my “Done Bowl” (just emptied):

Sometimes if feels quite unstructured with all these sticky notes but there are some really great benefits

1. It’s easy to sort them into different groups and priority.

2. The really really urgent tasks I can put on my screen so I won’t miss it.

3. I don’t need my computer to write new tasks.

4. When I leave them on my desk I really do leave them so they won’t stress me.

5. They are really visual and the amount of tasks is really obvious as well.

6. Thanks to the “Done bowl” even the tasks that are done are really visible so they make me feel good and happy.

7. They make my life more colorful.


Don’t underestimate the power of sticky notes!


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  • Brilliant!

    I can imagine that screwing up the sticky note and throwing it in the bowl would give you a great feeling! Much better than moving an item to a folder folder on your PC.

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