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The Supertester – A slightly true story” is a theater performance where we try to mix serious test issues and common prejudices with laughs. We will take the roles and personalities of project managers, testers and super heroes to a new level. We will use prejudice and radical opinions in our effort to entertain and inspire.

You will meet the project manager who blame the test department for everything that goes wrong. The project manager loves all the new and cool development methods. He is not making it easy for the poor shy little company tester who lost the last shred of self confidence the first day at work. Can she be saved by the magnificent Supertester and once again be restored to a strong tester who stand up for her profession? Will the powers of the Supertester be enough to save the organisation?

Join us in a twisted but still slightly true world of testing.

Key Points:
Have fun and be inspired to become a Supertester yourself!
Extraordinary testing is a mindset.
There are no golden solutions (ET, ISTQB, Scrum) only a perfect mix.


We are looking for new performances. If you are interested please send an email to Anna.o.Hoff (at) or Linda.Hoff (at) for more information!

Previous Performances:

“Even after 3 times it still takes my breath away.”

From Twitter:
“By the way, The Super Testers end to today was Genius. Absolutely rocked #esconfs I’m going to be signing bug songs all evening now GRR”
“Supertester you can be one, too” #esconfs
“New blog entry: The Supertesters – A Slightly True Story the supertesters at #esconfs, can’t transport the humor.”
“Hope everyone is enjoying the supertesters! The EuroSTAR team at the registration desk can hear a lot of noise and music! #esconfs”
“Looking very much forward to the supertesters! #esconfs”

“I was crying!”
“I only had the possibility to see one thin on this conference and I chose you. I’m glad I chose you! You were awesome!”

  • Once again we returned to Utrecht in Holland (May 2010) to perform at Dutch Sigist TestNet. This time we left Kristoffer back home and Linda got to do her part for the first time.  The Dutch Sigist TestNet was an impressive event. As always we were treated to some really great feedback:

“Awesome performance”
“Are you really testers and not comedians?”
Super testers or Super Sisters? (This guy really got the message /Anna)
Super Testers peak TestNet event

  • The Supertester recently went to Utrecht in Holland (January 2010) and performed at the Rabobank International. As always we got some excellent feedback (10.25 points out of 10!):

” Very entertaining and recognizable ”
” Very original ”
” Fresh approach of old problems, which points out the problems quite good ”
” Could also be very good for non-testers, as all the examples are well-known to all disciplines ”
” Best presentation in years ”
” Funny but still with a clear message “

  • The Supertester first performed at EuroSTAR 2009 in Stockholm. We received a lot of possitive feedback (9.66 points out of 10!):

” Over the top – funniest ever ”
” Best presentation ever ”
” I can not believe that you are testers and not actors ”
“My favourite track presentation was the SuperTesters – they were fantastic!”
” Fun, well timed and it truly shows how much work you put in ”
” I have never seen standing ovations at a test conference before ”
” After that I went to a track that was called ‘The supertesters – a slightly true story’ and this was an absolutely brilliant track! I’m glad I chose this one to attend. If you EVER have the chance to see this track somewhere; GO SEE IT!!! it’s a must-see by Anna and Linda Hoff and Jarl Kristoffer. It’s to odd to describe but I definitely can recommend this track. “
We also got some commondations on twitter Here and Here and Here and Here.

We would very much like to give this performance again so if you would like us to come to your company or event, please contact us (emails are listed below). The performance is all in english and we don’t mind traveling both domestic and abroad.

Anna: anna.o.hoff (at)

Linda: linda.hoff (at)