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When are you a tester and not a developer with passion for test?

A while ago I saw a video with Jan Jaap Cannegieter where he said something like “it doesn’t have to be a Tester, it could be a developer with passion for test”. After that I started to think about what is the different? When do you become a developer with passion for test instead of a tester and vice versa.

  • Is it depending on your title and tasks at work?
  • Is it about your ability/knowledge about programming?
  • If you are a really good programmer but also a really good tester. What are you then?
  • Is it only about where your heart lies?
  • If you are a developer that works a lot with testing, perhaps often more than developing, are you then still called a developer? or are you then a tester, whether you want to or not?


One thing I know is that I am a tester and not a developer, maybe a tester with a passion for development!