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2 hours + 2 persons ==> 15 bugs

I tried a couple of ways of doing “testing days” or really focused testing sessions. The common denominator might be that testing should be done really focused under a short time period. Administration and planning are done to a minimum and bug reports is often enough as documentation once the testing is done. The expectations are usually that a lot of issues will be found that the usual, often requirement focused testing with few testing opportunities, won’t find. Let’s leave this for now… what I want to write about is that I’m starting to find a way of doing this that I really like.

In my example I will tell you how I and one other person (a project leader) did one of these testing sessions. We tested an application, available for both Android and Iphone, which I knew almost nothing about. Let’s call the application “AppX”. What I will show you below is what we did but I changed it a bit to anonymise the application.


We spent 2 hours like this:

  • 15 min test planning
  • 1h 25 min testing
  • 20 min test reporting


The goal was to test as much as possible and to find as many critical bugs as possible. All testing should be visualized as much as possible, in test logs, notes, pictures etc.

The result was 15 new bugs and this is what it looked like:


What we did?


The notation I used:


I really like this way of working. Why don’t you try it!?!